What Are We About?

“AttachPro Welding was built on core values such as honesty and integrity. From the very beginning, I wanted to create more than just an average welding shop. I wanted to build a company with a purpose. We don’t just manufacture construction products, or maintain your equipment. Those are things we do really well, but I wanted to achieve something greater. Laying the foundations and groundwork or a better tomorrow is important because I believe the future is bright. Creating spaces for people to spend time with their family, achieve their next big idea or travel to be with friends and collogues is one of the most important fabrics of our society. I believe being a part of something bigger than ourselves is the true goal. Providing you the tools and services you need is to be successful is how we prove our commitment to excellence here at AttachPro Welding.”

Tim Earnshaw (Founder)


Owner Tim Earnshaw started AttachPro Welding out of the back of his truck in the summer of 2020 while still working at his former welding job in Elmira, Ontario.

“We all know what that summer consisted of, so I got to work building a vision into reality. With the help of some special friends, we got a borrowed engine driven welder dropped in the back of the truck, grabbed an extension chord, grinder and some other tools from the shed and got to work”

Come October, Tim took the leap of faith. He bid farewell to his full-time job and devoted himself entirely to AttachPro Welding. Since then, the business has outgrown its mobile origins and established a base in Listowel, Ontario, in response to increasing demand. Along the journey, we’ve expanded our team, bringing on a dedicated member who collaborates closely with Tim to deliver top-notch quality and service for our customers’ welding and fabrication needs.

Forward Looking

Our objective persists in delivering quality to each project we undertake, surpassing our customers’ expectations. We acknowledge that your project must not only exhibit aesthetic appeal but also function seamlessly. Through meticulous attention to detail, effective time management, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are confident that our services will prove to be the ideal choice for your next project. We remain dedicated to enhancing our customer service capabilities, striving for collective success and eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you!